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What is Share Point? Well, Share Point is a collaboration website designed by Microsoft that efficiently aids both the individuals' and organization in the pursuit of a common goal. It's a place were people can come to establish a level of communication plus stay up to date with the latest news and information.

Not just anyone can be a member of this Share Point website. This site is open to customers, partners and others' working in the field within relation to the food industry. And it is on the behalf of the Professional Group whom determines who becomes an authorized member of their Share Point website. If you believe you should be or would like to become a member to the Professional Group's Share Point website you will have to make a request.  

Please submit your request to the following email address. In the body of your email please list your reason(s) for Joining the Share Point Site and contact information. You will be notified within a timely manner if your request has been accepted.

Basic Functions of Share Point
1. Checking your Lab Results (Secure)

2. News and Information important to the food industry.
       · Announcements
       · Calendar

3. Collaboration with other members of the food industry.
        · Discussion Boards (Forum) / Email
        · Sharing Documents
        · Team Projects


Lab Results:
Checking your lab results is strait forward and simple. Simply use your authorized user name and password to login into the Share Point website. Once you're in click on the shared document button located in the left navigation column. Once the page loads you'll see your customer folder that contains a document with your Lab results.

Security and confidentiality comes first when dealing with lab result information. Your customer folder is only accessible by your organization, members that you authorize and authorized employees of The Professional Group. Don't be fooled by the title "shared documents" and perceive that it means public. On the contrary it's a central location for file storage and thus your customer folder is both private and secure.

Note: Do not use your online folder in The Professional Group Share Point website for online
         storage and backup. Folders may be viewed and emptied at any time by the staff of The
         Professional Group.

Changing Passwords
Click here to view the power point with graphics covering a step by step procedure to change your password. Changing your password is quick and easy. In the upper right hand corner of your browser your name will posted. Click on your name to access the drop-down menu. In the drop down menu select change password and then just follow the prompts.